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Let us bless and create sacred space wherever we are in our daily rituals, taking a moment to breathe through todays challenge, Let us karakia with a loving heart.

Te tapu o te ao kei a koe,
Te tapu o te ariki kei a koe,
Te tapu o te tamaiti kei a koe.

Here's what we are saying:

The sacredness of the world is in you,
The sacredness of the Ariki is in you,
The sacredness of the child is in you.


Fi’s first meeting with Cacao was on her very first stay at her own marae, Te Takutai o te Titi, Oraka, Aparima in 2018. Upon her whenua for the first time she met in moemoeā her tupuna Moitoi Toi, she embraced Fi and held her as she slept.The next day we shared in community activation to bring people together.

Fi didn’t know it then but this is when cacao and her were to begin a profound future together.Fi was reintroduced to cacao by her mentor Chelita Zainey through her mahi and being in receivership of her rongoā. This reconnection with cacao was a potent one. It created the thread towards Fi's incredible long standing change in her own wellbeing. Opening her heart to the magic of the world, allowing joy to flow back into her life once again.This connection led Fi to work closely with Oonagh Browne, The Cacao Ambassador whom she's receiving mentoring.

In 2022 Fi participated in the Cacao Emissary training in Ōtautahi with Oonagh and Libby, learning and sharing about the whakapapa and wonders of the cacao plant, and more importantly where, how and who is growing and bringing Cacao into NZ. At the beginning of 2023 Fi went to Ōtautahi and The Cacao Ambassador to complete training with the concher machine to start manufacturing her own cacao and chocolate.An exciting step being able to truly bring home her inner child joy of making delicious treats in her mum's kitchen.

Upon arriving home with her new machine, Fi set about making her first batch of cacao and chocolate. Knowing that her kitchen space would quickly be outgrown she approached The Dunedin Bowling Club who had recently moved from their food trailer to a restaurant.With this berm side kitchen addition, Fi has been able to work from home and create space for more profound healing. It’s all a journey towards the opportunities in front of us, it’s time to embrace them.


Fi has had profound change in her personal wellbeing with cacao, through all her years of struggling with wellness be it mental or physical, Fi had never found something that has held her so deeply at a cellular level.This is the profound rongoā of cacao, available to those who seek deep reconnection to self and Papatāūnuku, our plant medicines are here to support us as we traverse the chaotic times we are processing.


Our Cacao origins are currently from the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Oonagh is constantly working to create new avenues for the growers and is off to Vanuatu next to expand operations.We are so grateful to all those who have supported this journey so far, whether you’ve shared a post on social media, supported us by purchasing, funded Ka Kā Wā's first event and pushed Fi to keep going.

Kia kaha mō tatou
Tihea Mauriora


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